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Wanted (updated May 8, 2006)

(To see the list of things for sale, check out my For Sale page)

I prefer full games/cabinets to be semi-local (in or near the state of NC) but if you can ship and the price is right, I'll definitely consider it.

Complete games wanted (in no particular order):
Space Invaders (upright), Arkanoid (any/all), Breakout, Spy Hunter, Toobin', Tron, Krull, OutRun, Zookeeper, Pooyan, Galaga, any other REAL classics.

Empty cabinets wanted:
Galaga cabinet,  mini/cabaret cabinet, Vertical (JAMMA) cab - can be ready to go or empty

PCBS wanted:
Simpsons, Run N Gun 2, Ghox, Camel Try (Cameltry), Exvania, Bloxeed, Liquid Kids, BloodStorm, NBA Showtime, Peggle

NOS sideart wanted:
Assault, Pengo, Arkanoid (1 or 2) (Romstar)

Control panel overlays wanted:
Assault, Pengo, Arkanoid (1 or 2) (Rommstar)

Monitor bezels wanted:

Marquees wanted:
Pengo (this one - standing by an ice block not pushing one)

Misc wanted:
Assault left joystick (with good ballast), Tapper brass ashtrays/cupholders in good condition. Flyers, posters, or other advertising materials of any of the games I own/want.