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Mr. Do!
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 Gallery: The Broken Joystick Photo Gallery  Album: Gone Games   

Bought at auction for $30. Worked but neede a cap kit.
Viewed: 208 times.
Wasn't to opretty but the cab was smaller than most and in good condition
Viewed: 164 times.
Found NOS sideart on ebay for $30
Viewed: 214 times.
Redid the CP with some Wal-Mart $0.97 green spray paint and added new buttons
Viewed: 212 times.
Did a little editing of a scan of the instructions. Covered the CP with plexi. Looks NICE now.
Viewed: 189 times.
covered the overlay in plexi. Looks NICE now. Used it as a partial trade on a MsPac. It then got sold to a local collector.
Viewed: 204 times.
Instruction printout
Viewed: 216 times.
 Gallery: The Broken Joystick Photo Gallery  Album: Gone Games   
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