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Bulk Buy - Four Games
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 Gallery: The Broken Joystick Photo Gallery  Album: Bulk Buys   

Dead board. Worked otherwise
Viewed: 242 times.
Viewed: 185 times.
Viewed: 208 times.
Worked 100% and really nice.
Viewed: 256 times.
Put some NOS sideart on it and sold it locally for $250
Viewed: 198 times.
Viewed: 201 times.
Viewed: 193 times.
Dead board. Worked otherwise. Gave it to my friend Werner.
Viewed: 224 times.
He converted it back into a Robotron
Viewed: 216 times.
Viewed: 215 times.
Viewed: 194 times.
Album: Comet Pinball
Comet Pinball - worked. Needed to be shopped, but good otherwise. Sold it locally for $350

Changed: May 04, 2003.
Contains: 14 items.
Viewed: 910 times.
 Gallery: The Broken Joystick Photo Gallery  Album: Bulk Buys   
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