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March 30, 2001
HOLY COW! It's been over a year since I updated this page! Wow. I didn't realize it had been that long. Let's see...where to begin?

Let's see - I guess I'll skip all the things that happened a long time ago (MsPac, Star Wars, etc.). I sold my Gyruss conversion to someotherguy in Atlanta for $150. I sold my dedicated Gyruss to a local guy for $250. I sold the Goindol and 7-11 cab for $250 total to a guy from Charlotte. I'm slowly whittling down my vids to the ones I will keep.

I picked up a Playchoice 10 cabinet for free from Art (it's actually the one I sold him a few years ago). All it's missing is the PCB. I decided to convert it back to a Punchout though. I sold the gun/CP on eBay for $35. Gotta sell the marquee and then buy a Punchout marquee, CP, and PCB. Since I already have a Punchout, I'll use those parts to see if I can get it working first.

I have tentatively sold the Dunk Shot. Hopefully it will be picked up this weekend. I'm going to post my Hat Trick on eBay for (essentially) free. I just want someone to take it out of my garage. The power supplied died (I think) and I don't feel like fixing it.

There's an auction Feb 7 - might go to that if I can. I shouldn't though. With the baby on the way, I don't need to spend money on toys for ME. :)

March 1, 2000
I put in a new power supply and the Mat Mania works. A new PS and the 1942 worked...for about 20 minutes. Now the monitor is dead - not sure why. Game now plays blind. I FINALLY gave away the Sarge cabinet to a guy named Jeff in Chapel Hill - it will become a MAME cabinet. I didn't want to trash it since the cabinet was in good shape. It'll make a great MAME cab.

I worked out a cool trade - my Metrocross for two Moppets - Leprechaun and Pirate Treasure. Randy Buffalo came by today and picked up the Metrocross and he'll be bringing back the Moppets in a month or two. He also took the Haunted Castle cabinet to deliver to Michael Boyajian of The CastleVania Dungeon. I sold it to him cheap since i already made my money off the PCB.

Looks like I'll be getting my Goindol back along with an Arkanoid PCB, an Arkanoid 2 PCB, an Arkanoid spinner, and a Neo Geo cocktail (which will be for sale).

I also made a deal to get rid of my dead Bosconian. A guy in the U.K. is getting it. All I have to do is wrap it and a shipping company will come to my house and pick it up.

I won a Bank Panic flyer on eBay the other day. I also won an Utraman PCB on eBay. Also, I traded an extra 3 Wonders marquee for a U.K. 3 Wonders marquee (THANKS Lee!). I'll post a scan of it soon. Lee has a great 3 Wonders page.

February 7, 2000
LOTS of changes:
I bought a dead Multi-Pac in a pretty nice Ms Pac cabinet from Marc in Chapel Hill. Took it home and it just needed two fuses - replaced those and it works! I traded my Mr. Do!, Vindicators, and Goindol for a working Ms Pac that I was going to use to troubleshoot the first one so now I have a working Multipac in a Ms Pac cab and a working Ms Pac. I guess I'll trade/sell the Ms Pac.

I got a Dunk Shot at the auction! I had seen it once before and looked cool. It's a four-player, four trackball basketball game in a standup cocktail (meaning it's too high to sit at - you have to stand up to play it). It looks like it works completely but I haven't been able to coin it up yet (the coin door is locked and it eats my quarters). I also got a fully working Strider with full art, a nice CP, and a cracked marquee for cheap. Also got a dead Mat Mania for $5. I hope I can fix it, but if not I'll part it out - maybe the monitor and PCB works :) It had NOS instruction sheets inside too! I also got a dead 1942 in a Pac mini cab - it has a big hole in it below the coin door. Got it for $25 - if I can't get the 1942 to work, I'll put some other game in it. I love the mini cabs for some reason - and they are SOOO light!

I also sold my Turbo cockpit project to a local guy named Jonathan. He and his son are going to get it working and restore it. It's good to see it being saved. When I got it, it was headed for the dump.

January 24, 2000
MAJOR update - I haven't updated in a LONG time, so here goes:
I bought a bunch of PCBs/marquees from Dann Jarvis: Run and Gun PCB/marquee, Sports Match PCB/marquee, Off the Wall PCB/marquee, Rampart PCB. Bought a Tapper flyer from a collector so now I can mount the flyer and the four Tapper coasters for a wall display - should look cool.

I finished the Neo Geo conversion and DAMN it looks good (if I do say so myself). the links to the pics are under Repairs here. Unfortunately, I no longer own it - I traded it and my Pigskin for a Discs of Tron and it is SWEET!

I just installed a Nintendo monitor in my Mr Do! and it is now in super condition. It's for sale or trade if anyone wants it :) I also repainted (grey) the Goindol (it's for sale too :).

I'm going to install two PCB holders under the CP on my NBA Jam for easy PCB swapping. I'm also going to build maybe two more CPs to swap in so I can play MK and SF2 games. Fun project :)

I sent out the Gaplus cabinet to Andy Stewart and I sent out the Ring King to another guy (his name escapes me). My first experience shipping with Forward Air - worked out OK except they broke the back door on the Gaplus!

September 26, 1999
I won a Dunkmania PCB/sideart/marquee on eBay - not a bad game, but not great. anyone have the dipswitch settings? Please? I also won NOS Neo-Geo sideart too for my Neo project.

I sold my Ameridarts today. It was one of the first games I bought. Sad to see it go, but I needed the room (and the money :).

I've been working on the control panel for the Mr. Do. I painted it green and I've been working on a Mr Do instructions image to print out and put on the CP. It should look really good. I should be done with the entire CP soon. I'm going to put the sideart on soon too.

August 30, 1999
MAJOR update- I just added a BUNCH of pics - mostly of the games that didn't have pics before. Cruise through the game pages and check them out.

I went to the DC area to trade my Pac-man cocktail for an Atari Vindicators so the Pac is gone, but I now own a Vindicators. Cool game. I'll put a page for it up soon.

August 2, 1999
I finished (for now) restoring the Frogger! I repainted the top panel (where the speaker is) and the bottom kick panel. I also repainted the coin door and touched up the paint along the edges. I wired up a new (much better) fluorescent for the marquee too. Now I need a better bezel (it really warped), a better marquee (it has a small piece broken out), and a new 25 cent metal plate where the coins are inserted (I'll probably never find one - mine's OK but it is scuffed).

I received two items I won on eBay today and bad news with both: 1) a NOS Mr. Do CPO - it's really nice and in excellent shape but it is too tall to fit on my Do. I would have to cut it (horizontally) to make it fit and I would lose some of the clowns on it. So, instead, I'll just sell it for what I paid ($24) and paint my CP green to match the marquee. Oh well.

Number 2 is an Assault marquee. Extremely sun-faded (worse than mine). Oh well. I told the seller how unhappy I was with the purchase and he said I now had a credit with him for any future eBay purchases. Works for me ;)

July 29, 1999
I received my new Ring King PCB (to replace the one I fried). Works fine except the sound is full of static. I have to figure out why my JAMMA adapter is doing that.

I received my Street Slam Neo cartridge in the mail yesterday too. Cool game! (of course, I LOVE basketball). I played 5 or 6 games last night. It's not as good as NBA Jam, but it is still fun.

It looks like I'm going to be doing a trade soon and acquiring an Atari Vindicators! I have to travel to DC to do it - I'll probably be able to make the trip sometime in August. Cool! That's one more game off of my want list! :)

I got a cool NBA Showtime poster from ebay for a buck! ($5 with shipping). It'll look great in the gameroom!

Thanks to a friend (Art), I now have 2 more games upstairs and in the gameroom instead of in the garage - Punchout and Tapper.

June 25, 1999
Thanks to the gang on RGVAC, I figured out what all but one of the bulk PCBS are. Most have been sold to the same group. I had: Oli Boo Chu, Pac-Land, Mr Do!, Vs. Golf, Vs. Excitebike, Clash Road, Spiders, Black Tiger, and Super Basketball (not ANOTHER one!).

I received the final payment for the Strider PCB that sold on eBay for $525! WooHoo! Unbelievable. I won an auction on eBay for a Punch-out flyer, and I traded my extra WH2 for a WH cart. I sold the CP from the klax/SD cabinet to a guy who is going to use it on his SD for a swappable Black Widow. Cool.

I also parted out the Playchoice and sold a bunch of parts to one guy, and I put the motherboard and games on eBay. I still have the empty cabinet and the two monitors. One of the monitors will go into my Punch-out and I'll probably just trash the cabinet unless I can find someone to take it off my hands for free.

Also, I found a control panel overlay for the Mr. Do! at ArcadeWizard - I sent an email telling them I want it - we'll see what happens. If I can get sideart and/or a CPO I just might keep the Do.

Oh yeah - Andy Stewart came from Indiana and bought my Galaga cabinet AND gave me a repro Tapper overlay! I got rid of a cabinet AND got an overlay. SWEET! Now to apply the overlay. That Tapper is going to be NICE. I'm going to replace the coin door with one from the Sarge cabinet that looks BRAND NEW. Then, I'll just have to have the cupholders re-brassed and it will be done. Andy also brought his Sega Turbo boards so I could see if my cockpit Turbo (that I got for FREE) works and it does! I just need to buy some boards and find the gas pedal mechanism and it will be good to go.

June 13, 1999
Picked up 3 more full games at the Winston-Salem auction on June 12 - Pigskin 621 A.D., Mr. Do!, and Goindol. More info soon. I also picked up a box of about 15 PCBs - I'm, still trying to figure out what games they are. I know I have a (non-working) Black Tiger, 2 Nintendo Vs boards with a game in each, a (working) Mr. Do! board, and some Sigma game PCB. I haven't researched the other boards yet.

June 9, 1999
LOTS of news! I won 4 auctions on eBay for Neo-Geo carts - World Heroes 2 (2 of them), World Heroes 2 Jet, and Samurai Shodown 2. I am trading one of the WH2 carts for a WH. I also got a NOS Punch-Out! marquee and a NOS Bank Panic marquee on eBay.

I picked up three games in Florida and one in Atlanta! In Florida I got a Playchoice 10 (YUCK!), a Gyruss (Phoenix conversion), and an Elevator Action (Jungle King conversion). In Atlanta I got a Frogger! Look for pages and details on these soon (maybe :).

I picked up a free yellow Bagman (I think) cabinet from a local collector (Jim) and it's going to be my new vertical JAMMA cabinet. It's a small cabinet and it has a front door under the coin box to access the PCBs. I was thinking about making a way to have up to 10 or so PCBs in there and just swap the connector out to switch games. We'll see, I have a Ring King kit I'm going to put in the cabinet (with a JAMMA adapter) so it will look like a Ring King but it will play JAMMA. Anyone have a Ring King bezel for sale?

May 19, 1999
Picked up a Pengo from ductman5 (locally). It's in VERY good shape - pictures and a webpage coming soon! Posted the first draft (with pics but not much text) of the Gaplus page.

May 16, 1999
Updated the Assault page with cabinet pictures and screenshots. Added the 7-11 cabinet page.

May 11, 1999
Received my Neo-Geo 1 slot. I sold my JAMMA/SNES on eBay for $148 and traded it instead with the winning bidder for a NG 1-slot. I'm happy, he's happy. Now I need to get a cartridge or two. I REALLY want World Heroes and Windjammers.

May 10, 1999
Moved to our new site at Virtualave.net. Free hosting, free subdomains, and 20 meg of free space!