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Sega, 1982


Don't ask me why but I have always loved a Pengo. I think there was a place that I would play it when I was a kid. Cool game. You run around a mze of ice blocks being chased by sno-bees and you have to crush them by pushing ice blocks into them. Line up the three diamond blocks for bonus points. Nice little intermission screens too.


I found a local guy (ductman5) with one for $250. He said it was in pretty good shape. When I saw it I was very pleased and bought it from him. I'm glad I did. They have been going on eBay from $250-$350 so I got a good deal (I think). I have yet to see one at the auction.


Not much to fix. It has a nice monitor, almost all of the sideart, the CP is in good shape, and so is the bezel and marquee. I just need to repaint the coin doors and it's done.


My photo album has cabinet pictures and screenshots.


Pengo at KLOV