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Nbajam marquee

Midway, 1993


Two on two basketbrawl at its finest. Choose your team from the NBA and play with the actual players. Super dunks (BOOM SHAKA-LAKA) are the rule, not the exception. Three consecutive baskets by one player cause him to be "on fire" and he won't miss anything. Your fire goes out as soon as the other team scores, so block their shots and goaltend! Up to four players play at a time (and its most fun with four human players). Three buttons - Shoot/Block, Pass/Steal, and Turbo. Still one of my favorites.


I picked up my four-player NBA Jam at the Arcade Game Auction in Winston-Salem, NC on August 15, 1998. I probably paid more than I should have, but I really wanted this game and I'm happy with my purchase. It's a conversion (still not sure what game it WAS, but it's nicely done. No sideart (decals) on it. Bob Roberts has a case of them and he'll sell them to me cheap but I'm not sure if I want to or not. Some moron painted over the red "insert coin mechanism so it looks crappy. Someday I'll remove the paint from them.

Scratch all of the above. I have a new (different) NBA Jam now. It's a dedicated machine (with slightly faded NBA Jam sideart).


Player One joystick wouldn't move right, Player Four joystick wouldn't move left, and Player One could not pass. After opening the control panel (CP), I saw that the three corresponding wires had come off. They need to be re-soldered. I'll either do it myself or a friend at work said he'd do it. If my friend does it, I'll have to remove the CP (yuck!) and take it in to him.

The new one's monitor broke the week I brought it home. I just now replaced it and she is working beautifully again. Check out the new pics below.E


My Nbajam photo album has cabinet pictures and screenshots.


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