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Multi-Pac marquee

Clay Cowgill, 1998


It's 24 different games in one! It's s modification for a Pac or Ms Pac PCB that allows it to play all of these:
Pac-Man games: original, fast, plus, plus fast, Puckman, Hanglyman, mod[ified], Pac-Man After Dark, Namco (Sil), Pacmini2, Pengoman, Pac-Man 3D, and Piranha. The Ms. Pac-Man games are: original, fast, plus, plus fast, Ms. Pac Attacks, Ms. Pac R.I.P., and Ms. Indy Pac. Also included are Eyes, Crush Roller, and Lizard Wizard.

Mine is housed in a Ms Pac-Man cabinet using a Ms Pac PCB.


I bought this form Marc Gauvin in Chapel Hill (local) at a great price because it was dead.


Bought it dead, took it home and it had two blown fuses. Replaced those and BAM! we have Multi-Pac! The cabinet is in pretty good condition. There are a couple of typical wear spots on the sides and the kick panel is a little scuffed up, but the marquee is beautiful and the CPO is in good shape. I'll probably swap all the good parts from the Ms Pac onto this so this machine is the nicest.