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Sega, Bally/Midway, 1983


I had never played Bank Panic until my wife said she wanted one. I still haven't played it much - we got this solely for her. You move your joystick right and left and shoot at the three doors that show up on-screen. Shoot only the bad guys. (Something like that :).


Once again, I picked this one up at an auction, this time for $225. OUCH! It was on the last row and since the game is not very popular, I figured we could pick it up for less than $100. WRONG. The bidding got to $50 then the other guy bid $200! We bid $225 and won it. It was worth it though. It's the first one we have seen since I started collecting and it is one of three "must-haves" for my wife (the Frogger and Tapper were the other two). Now I don't have to get her any more vids :)


None, really. The bezel/monitor and CP were fairly dirty, but other than that it's in pretty good condition. I'd love to find a NOS CPO for it but I'm not holding my breath.


My photo album has cabinet pictures and screenshots.


KLOV entry for Bank Panic
Original flyer