I picked up a Toobin at an arcade auction a few years ago and the sound never worked. i finally got off my butt this past week and decide to fix it.

Summary: Toobin has no sound and coining up doesn’t work (nothing happens when you coin up). I set the game to free play so could play it but I got no sound. Some googling and searching through RGVAC told me that the 6502A chip on the soundcard controls the sound and the coinage. Bought a new 6502A chip for less than $10 shipped from, popped it in the sound card, and I now have sound! W00t!

Just wanted to thank everyone for helping me get my Toobin sound working again. Specifically – all the RGVACers that helped me understand the differences between a 6502 and a 6502A, George Rowlands for pointing me to as a source for the 6502A, Francis at for excellent customer service, Mark at Basement Arcade for posting the Toobin manual, and all the people over the years that answered Toobin tech questions that lead me to figure out what was wrong. Hopefully now this post will help people in the future too.

Does anyone know a source for gator stickers on the side? I think I remember seeing someone repro’d them a while back. I see had them but is out of stock it seems.

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