Cool overhead tank game. Use two joysticks to control your tank and destroy 11 levels of enemy vehicles. Great scaling and zooming of sprites. Cool music and sound effects. An all-around great game. That’s why I had to have one in my collection.


At one of the WS auctions, I saw it in a corner…an ASSAULT! I couldn’t believe there was one at an auction. No matter what, I HAD to leave with the Assault. Unfortunately, it was on the far wall and was auctioned off fourth to last! That’s OK, cause it was worth it. I paid $170 for it and it was worth every penny. BTW – despite its small width, it’s crazy heavy!


This one had a few problems. The sideart was ripped (cut?) – see pictures. The left joystick wouldn’t move down and was VERY loose. There was an UGLY security bar across the coin doors. Most of the screws, the marquee holder. and the coin doors were rusty. The marquee wouldn’t light. I removed the security bar (it took FOREVER – those things are TOUGH) and put bolts with BIG black washers in the holes. I took the joystick apart and it works fine now but is still very loose and won’t center. I stripped